StrataFin Sectional Title and Property Cash Flow Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Building together

How does it work

Information is required from which we ascertain if levies and other debits were raised correctly against the unit and all credits have been passed.

The outstanding debt is assessed and factors like age of debt, legal compliance value of the unit and debt ratio etc., is taken into consideration in making an offer to the Body Corporate for the outstanding debt.

On acceptance of the offer by the Trustees an agreement is entered into in terms whereof the debt is purchased from the Body Corporate at the agreed price.

The whole debtors book or individual debts can be purchased.

Payment is made to the Body Corporate of the purchase price and we will then proceed with the collection of the monies owed.

This is not a loan and no repayment is done on a monthly basis by the Body Corporate.

All recoveries takes place against the relevant owner.

Terms and conditions apply.